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An initiative of Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP)

Since 2019, UP Beneficiaries has been working to develop the dairy value chain in the south-western region of the country. There is an increasing need to produce versatile dairy products to meet the nutritional needs of the growing population of the country.  Satkhira district is poverty-stricken, natural and climate-induced disaster prone district of south-west coastal region. Most of the people of this district live below the poverty line and depends on natural resource extraction including Suburban’s. To overcome this worsening situation, government of Bangladesh has taken initiative to improve the poverty situation and introduced improved livestock farming in this region though historically the region is livestock intensive in Bangladesh. Tala, Islamati, Khalilnagar, Jalalabad, Sarolia, Nagarghata, Dhandiya are the mostly livestock intensive union and these unions contains more than 0.3 million livestock. 

To Develop the value chain of safe dairy products and Ensure safe diversified dairy production with advanced marketing through using modern technology a Government Financed  project has been started named Livestock and Dairy Development Project (LDDP) under  the Department of Livestock Services. In this Project  A Brand  will be developed in the Southern Region of Bangladesh. 

To ensure the smooth operation of the business activities the project will give emphasis on capacity building activities for enhancing the capacity of the staffs, farmers, collectors and the workers. To expand the market and sustainability of the business UP Beneficiaries will organize stakeholder consultation meeting/workshop to ensure the traders, buyer and consumer engagement throughout the project cycle that the stakeholders will be motivated to become more responsive with their support and services to the livestock farmers.


An initiative of Livestock and Dairy Development Project


The main products are Sweetmeat, Butter, Cheese, and Yogurt. Large amount of cheese, yoghurt, milk blended juice etc. are in  processing. The business is
located in Satkhira district which is well known as a high cattle yielding area of Bangladesh. The project will increase the demand of milk for multi-purpose use of milk and will force the milk collectors in the project area to pay the right price for the milk. As a result, farmers can ensure that they get a fair price for the milk they produce. Also, due to the diversification of dairy products, many people will be interested in milk production i.e. cow husbandry profession and will hire skilled manpower to renovate the farm.

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